MediaScape Musings # 9 : Reflecting on the Weekend with Asking Alice

Over the past weekend, the curtain finally fell on “Asking Alice.” Regardless of whether it achieved the envisioned perfection, every small imperfection has transformed into the very essence of “performing arts.” As a director and audio-visual designer, and in the process of mastering the role of a stage manager, I have gained invaluable experiences throughout.

I extend my sincere gratitude to my fellow dance classmates for delivering a flawless performance. Special thanks to my theater classmates for showcasing their expertise in seamlessly integrating set design and light design. I also want to express my appreciation to the partners in PAT and Robotics, who brought their interactive skills to the forefront, creating a distinctive and engaging interactive experience!

This weekend marked not just the end of “Asking Alice” but a celebration of the artistic journey filled with learning and collaboration.

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