Frame by Frame: Quick Scenes

This week I continued animated the third scene of my animation. Unlike the previous ones, which focused on one or two main movements, I want to ramp up the tension by creating a series of quick scenes/movements playing one after another. I think because each part is so short it could be potentially difficult to follow. I will try to work around this by keeping consistent color palettes and have each scene lead into the next one in someway. I primarily try to do this by zooming in/changing angles, but will work to come up with other interesting/creative solutions as I continue animating!

Here is my progress on this scene so far:


Thi Mai is a junior majoring in biology, health & society. They love making digital art and comics, and want to start expanding into animation. This semester, they are working towards completing an animated short film. Check out "Frame by Frame" every Sunday night for progress updates and reflection on the process! You can find more of their work on their Tumblr blog:

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