Chapter 1

Hi! Welcome to Captured Moments!

This week, I am sharing a day in my life as a piano performance major. Tuesday February 20th, I began my day with my theory class. 

9:30 AM 

I am taking Theory 140- Aural Skills to develop my understanding of the harmonies and structures that are an important part of music.

11:30 AM

Then, I have piano forum. This class is an opportunity for all piano performance majors  to perform for the piano department as well as for each other. For this week’s class, we had Eric Lu present a masterclass. He is the gold medal recipient of the Leeds International Piano Competition 2018. I really enjoyed his presentation!

12:30 PM

After, I had my sight-reading class. This class is super helpful for me as it teaches me different techniques to sight read and comprehend music faster. I am working on sight reading Beethoven’s Sonata Op.14.

3 PM

My next class is on central campus. I take the bus to the MLB where my French class is. During this class, I am currently working on a blog about Fort-De-France. 


I take the bus back to the School of Music, and I practice for the rest of the day. 

See you next week 🙂

Hannah Park

Hannah Park is a freshman piano performance major at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Captured Moments is a series in which she shares her day in the life, and her thoughts on the latest music industry news.

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