People Watching: Midterms Edition

Hi again! I’m not sure how much this drawing counts as “people watching”, but who says “people” has to mean “strangers”? I’ve been spending a lot of time this past week opposite my friends just studying and I think today’s post portrays that rather accurately. Drawing on notebook paper instead of my sketchbook felt particularly fitting. The top image took place in the LSA building (where I spent six and a half hours today), and the bottom was in my friend’s apartment. I loved noticing how much stuff we surround ourselves with while studying: laptops, tablets, water bottles, my two indispensable pens, so many notebooks, planners, and… a french press? I suppose caffeine is a must. Good luck to everyone taking exams this week (I know I’ll need it)!

People Watching: First Post!

Hello everyone! This is my very first post on People Watching. I actually struggled a lot when trying to come up with who/where to draw for my first post, so I ended up going in a pretty simple direction. Each of the students I drew was spotted walking (or skateboarding) in front of the UMMA and Union on Wednesday October 18th, 2023. I really enjoyed just using marker here but a goal for the future is to branch out into more colorful illustrations that still feel consistent with my style.