Study Hal: Week 37 – False Spring

Okay, this week we planned on making a joke this week that it’s still too cold to go outside. But when Hal went to check, he discovered it was a balmy 57 ºF. At that point, the goof was dead. Who cares if there’s snow on the ground and only a couple plants are growing? If it’s warm enough for the snowdrops to bloom, it’s warm enough for Hal to sit in his favorite chair.

Hal has been so excited for spring. It’s his favorite season, and with all his classes online, having time outside is a real mental health boost. Michigan weather has a way of lulling you into a false sense of security, though. I have a feeling there are still several 40º days ahead, but I don’t have the heart to mention that to Hal…

If you’re new here, welcome in! Hal is a senior studying remotely from his hometown in Michigan. He’s back every Tuesday, but if you want more you can always check out the Study Hal tag!

Study Hal: Week 36 – Green Thumb

Houseplants are a joy, especially for college students. Hal has had this little snake plant since he moved into his dorm freshman year. He keeps it by the window so it gets a lot of sun, but that doesn’t stop it from being… dramatic. Hal is well acquainted with the theatrics, but his heart still drops every time he finds the poor fella flopped over! Hal knows there isn’t much he can do expect give it a little water and wait for the sun to rise. Does that knowledge stop him from worrying? No, never.

Hal wants me to ask: do you folks name your house plants? Hal feels like he’s had this one for so long that it deserves a name, but he’s not the most creative with names. (For example, he named his childhood dog Sparky.) Leave your suggestions in the comments and Hal will take them into consideration. If you need inspiration, he likes classic horror movies and electrical engineering.

If this is your first time here, welcome! Hal is a U-Mich senior studying remotely from his childhood home. He’s back on Tuesdays, but if you’re craving more, check out the backlog on the Study Hal tag!

Study Hal: Week 35 – Full Inbox

Hal is a fan of cozy mornings lately. If he can take some time to drink his coffee and listen to some jazz before class, he will. Hal is also a fan of setting personal boundaries, so he tries not to check his email after a certain hour. In the before-times, that was not a problem. But, now? Logging back on feels like catching up on a novel!

Hal knows there are some of you wild folks out there who have thousands of unread emails, but Hal keeps his inbox tidy. This many emails overnight is overwhelming! We’ll cut the senders some slack, since email is about the only way of communicating outside of class anymore. At the same time, Hal supports walking away until you’re ready to process all of it.

If you’re new here, welcome! Hal is a senior studying remotely this semester. He’s back on Tuesdays, but you can check out the Study Hal tag to see more of his daily activities.

Study Hal: Week 34 – Snowy Weather

Ah, February. No matter how much we want springtime, this month always brings us more snow. Hal has been coping just fine staying indoors, but his dog Sparky is a little less patient. He wants it to be springtime, now, and I’m not sure he realizes Hal doesn’t have the power to fix it!

Spring will come soon enough, but in the meantime, I hope you’ve been staying nice and cozy while you’re staying safe. It may feel like winter’s over, but those wind chills are no joke!

If this is your first time, welcome! Hal is a U-M student studying remotely this year. I’ve been sharing all of his challenges, surprises, and distractions on the Study Hal tag, but be sure to come back next Tuesday for another installment!

Study Hal: Week 33 – Repetition

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody! Totally unrelated, but… Does anyone else feel like everyday is the same? Hal has settled into something of a routine, which has led to something of a slump. I’ve got to break him out of it, and soon. Maybe we could watch some good classic comedy movies! Any suggestions?

Though the days blend together, Hal and I are trying to keep track of the little things that make us happy through the day, like fun ringtones, good headphones, and coffee. What good things keep your days from blurring together completely?

If this is your first time here, welcome! Hal is a senior at U-M, but he’s studying completely remotely for the year. Come back on Tuesdays to see new videos, or pop over to the Study Hal tag to see his archived adventures.

Study Hal: Week 32 – Workout Routine

Staying physically active is hard, especially being at home all the time, and especially with all this snow. Being so sedentary sparked Hal to make a change! He found a workout game to follow and started off strong… But, he didn’t consider how hard it would get after just a few minutes! He’s still resting. He says he’ll sleep it off.

In spite of online classes, I hope you’re taking time to move your body. Don’t be like Hal, though – start small and make some little changes! Even if it’s an extra trip up the stairs, it makes a difference when you spend all day at a desk. And don’t forget to stretch! It’s helpful even if you haven’t done so many squats that you fell over.

If you’re new here, welcome! Hal is back every week with his experiences studying at U-M from home his senior year. Check back next Tuesday for a new video, or check out the Study Hal tag for the archives.