Marge Makes Comics #26: Like Genuine Despair

Hey guys. The recent developments on and off campus regarding COVID-19 have been tearing me apart lately. I’m scared for my family and friends and I’m torn between feeling lucky and grateful that I can go back home to be with my family and angry and devastated for my friends, for my classmates, for the world, for myself. Taking the time to mourn lost time is important. Take time and take action. Stay safe out there, be kind and be careful.

Marge Makes Comics #25: PALENTINE’S DAY CARDS

Hey! This one’s a little short and simple, I wanted to try my hand at making some goofy lil’ platonic post-Valentine’s day cards. Platonic love is super important and for the single people out there (including me, hi hello), Valentine’s day can be a tough holiday to get through especially when the holiday’s emphasis is on celebrating romantic relationships. Anyway!!! I love my friends deerly. Tell a pal you care.

Marge Makes Comics #21: Marge Fixes Cats

I’m sorry I keep talking about Cats I’M SORRY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT CATS!!!!

Speaking of 2D animated versions of Cats, read this article by Cartoon Brew if you want to hear about Steven Spielberg’s attempts to make a Cats movie in the 90’s and see some gorgeous character design (and get very angry about how ugly the Cats movie is). Or just watch Cats Don’t Dance! It’s delightful and Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write it!