Frame by Frame: Backgrounds

This week I got started on drawing the first scene of my animation. Specifically, the backdrops needed to animate the first scene (pictured below). As I began this process, I realized there was a lot to consider in terms of color palette, brush settings, how to maintain style consistency, etc.. I decided for this specific scene to have a dark red color palette, cut by a lighter orange for the light inside the house. Since this first scene is meant to exist in a dream-like/non-reality plane of existence, dramatic colors and extreme shadows will fit the tone I’m looking for. I’ll maintain this palette for this first and the last scene which take place in the same location, but use a cooler toned palette for the scenes grounded in reality. I also began experimenting with animating movement of the grass, and am working out the most efficient method to achieve the look I want. Currently, I am drawing scenes in photoshop and exporting them into Adobe Animate. By next week I hope to have completed scene 1!


Thi Mai is a junior majoring in biology, health & society. They love making digital art and comics, and want to start expanding into animation. This semester, they are working towards completing an animated short film. Check out "Frame by Frame" every Sunday night for progress updates and reflection on the process! You can find more of their work on their Tumblr blog:

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6 months 2 days ago

this looks so cool!

6 months 7 days ago

This is so cool! The coloration is spot-on in terms of spookiness!