Frame by Frame: Backgrounds 2

This week I worked on finishing the hand-washing sequence. This took particularly long to animate just because of the number of moving parts I needed to update in each frame. Though animating the moving water was a bit of challenge for me, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I also drew the next background with I’ll be using for the remainder of the scene. This is the first establishing shot of the scenes after the intro. This is where we are reintroduced to the main character, color palette, and style. I needed to consider how to create a look that I’d be able to replicate for the rest of my animation.

And, here is the remainder of the animated scene from last week!


Thi Mai is a junior majoring in biology, health & society. They love making digital art and comics, and want to start expanding into animation. This semester, they are working towards completing an animated short film. Check out "Frame by Frame" every Sunday night for progress updates and reflection on the process! You can find more of their work on their Tumblr blog:

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