MediaScape Musings # 5 : Fear Follower

My team finally finished the Visual Motion Capture project this week, but we changed the name to Fear Follower!! Let me introduce this project in detail:

The Fear Follower is an interactive experience integrating visual motion capture with robotics, dynamic visual projections, and immersive sound design. A visual projection of a large eyeball maintains an unwavering gaze on the user, tracking their every move around the room. Simultaneously, a robotic hand wheels itself toward the user, creating a dynamic and responsive connection between the installation and the individual. The culmination of these elements generates a strange ambiance that evokes a palpable sense of tension for the user. This synthesis of visual and auditory components is designed to immerse participants in a multi-sensory journey, pushing the boundaries of conventional interactive installations and redefining the relationship between users and their interactive environments.

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