Observer: Walking to the chaos

I explored my identity through this collage piece. My immigration experience makes me feel duo identity and at the same time I feel the loss of identity, which I used the chaotic patterns and Chinese and NYC buildings to express the sense of lost and chaotic. The little figure at the bottom represents me, trying to look for who he was, but was stopped by the red light. The piled up buildings, air pods, and flowers symbolizes my experience and the two circles above represent the two different suns that I see on two different lands. I used patterns such as eyes, fishes, flowers, and wolves to represent my state of mind: I feel watched, I need food, I enjoy nature, and I have my ambition. This is a work that I play around to find what makes me becomes the person who I am today. 


This is Zoe, I am from New York, currently a student at the University of Michigan. I do illustrations, 2D animations, and 3D animations. My art focus mainly on storytelling, diversity, and student life. :) Feel free to check out my art website:

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2 months 29 days ago

This is really cool!