Frame by Frame: Water & Light

One interesting part about animating my second scene is deciding how I want light and water to interact together. Particularly for this last motion that I’m working on, the water is meant to slide off the characters hand while the light is still embedded underneath their skin. Since this isn’t something we would see in real life, I have the creative liberty to decide what I want this interaction between the two elements to look like. I’ve decided to treat the light like a semi-physical entity, so it melts a bit into the water, but can’t actually be washed away. As I’m working through these scenes, I also feel like my line work and coloring skills are improving, especially with how I’m coloring light/shadow. Here’s my progress from this week!


Thi Mai is a junior majoring in biology, health & society. They love making digital art and comics, and want to start expanding into animation. This semester, they are working towards completing an animated short film. Check out "Frame by Frame" every Sunday night for progress updates and reflection on the process! You can find more of their work on their Tumblr blog:

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