Industrious Illustrating #50 – Autumn of Artwork

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post — I ended up more busy with finals than I expected, and then I threw myself into making more artwork right after I finished my last final project. This entire semester I’ve been writing how-to guides and overviews of art business-related topics, but I think it’s about time I went back to talking about my own artwork for column #50!

Since I didn’t take any art classes this semester (unless you count Intro to UX), all my artwork from this semester is personal work or commissions rather than academic work. Most of this artwork was specifically for prints and small merchandise that I could sell at conventions, sometimes of original ideas (e.g. a fat squirrel wood pin) but mostly fanart of existing media properties. Because of how much of my time was taken up by programming/website design classes, I didn’t make as many fully rendered paintings as I would’ve liked and focused more on simplified artwork that I could finish in one or two sittings. I think it says a lot that my artwork output from November to today (mid-December) looks something like this:

Even then, I’m still overall proud of how much progress I made this semester both in terms of developing my art abilities and my business. I think my rendering has made significant and visible leaps above my artwork from last year, for one thing, and I’m getting better at making my artwork look more appealing from a design standpoint.

I’d like to highlight that the one original character piece I drew this semester (besides artwork for Flamechaser that I’m not posting publicly yet) was this piece I drew for Digipaint’s Fall 2023 zine “Dreams and Nightmares”, which will be printed next semester:

It features Wenet Tozawa (purple-haired girl) and Rashida Kuromiya (pink-haired girl) intertwining their fingers through a plane of water. This piece is supposed to represent the feeling of seeing a familiar face in a dream and reaching out toward them.

I personally really enjoy drawing my OCs and would like to make more artwork of them, but I also want to make a lot of new merchandise designs before the convention season hits again next year, and my energy and time are both very limited… I applied to a bunch of major conventions happening next spring/summer, so I’ll probably be discussing anime convention application results next semester!

I may or may not be making more posts over winter break — it really depends on whether or not I have anything to talk about. If I don’t, I’ll still be posting next semester anyway, so see you guys soon!


I'm Robin (he/they), a third year enrolled as a User Experience Design student. I'm especially interested in eventually professionally creating artwork for entertainment such as animated films, books, and video games. I want to share my artwork with a wider audience using this blog, and I also want to open up a conversation about what goes into making illustrations and artwork both on the creative and business sides..

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