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I gotta go, I promised the boys I’d hop on Fortnite tonight.

How long does it take you to ride back?

Uh, about ten minutes.

Palmer Commons, 9:00PM, 11/14/2023

the controller is a time machine. i pick it up and adjust the portal, and suddenly i am in the middle of nowhere, or everywhere, or somewhere in between. perhaps i am in a dream. the air vibrates slightly, like above a truck exhaust on a summer day. for a moment, we are ten again. snow day, undercover, bag of chips to the side. no one has suffered loss because of laughter, i think. you laugh as your character defeats mine, just to prove a point.

Nice hair color, by the way.

Thank you!

I had blue highlights a couple years ago but I could never pull it off like you.

Jack Binion’s, 8:00PM, 12/27/2023

the yard of grass is black and blooming. the owner comes out and sprays a section with pesticide. the leaves turn blue and the ground wilts. for the aesthetic, she says. i nod in understanding. a speck of light, a lotus in the mud. enough to latch on to your consciousness — there are many ways to do so, and many more wrong ways to attempt. blue tendrils curl around my abdomen. they disturb the air with lavender and rose, touching a memory that is badly erased. like the outline of a traced figure, you return. are you smiling or crying? the wrinkles fade to oblivion.

Everyone but this guy. He’s from Washington.

Loyalties, man.

All I’m saying is if U of T and UMich played, I’d be rooting for UMich.

Yeah, because U of T is ass!

Cardiovascular Center, 7:00PM, 1/8/2024

twenty-six years is a long time. most spiders only live up to one. twenty-six generations ago, the wolverines tasted victory. twenty-six generations ago, humans climbed out of the middle ages and into the renaissance. loyalties were tested back then, too; it seems to be a common pattern of history. can history survive if the people do not make the same mistakes? will it fizzle and fall out of order? things will only have to be taught once. a converging slope, an asymptotical plane of information. in twenty-six generations, only time will tell.


Real quotes, fictional stories. Let yourself be drawn to the flame of life. Face the sky like there is no tomorrow. Freedom is not measured in years but in the unbridled dance of the soul.

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