Observer: Agriculture

Whenever winter comes, it reminds me of agriculture and food. I used textured brushes to mimic the traditional Chinese painting style. I drew the boy and the cow in a modern comic style to have some fun with the old painting style. I used the seal script type, used by the Chinese thousands of years ago, to stress the traditional Chinese culture in my art. China is an agricultural-based country, so I chose to draw the wheat field and the boy who herds the cow to represent the image of August. I left a lot of empty space and used very few brush strokes to make the image simple and textured. I used Procreate for this piece, to experiment with a different software program and used Photoshop to add the words to the image.


This is Zoe, I am from New York, currently a student at the University of Michigan. I do illustrations, 2D animations, and 3D animations. My art focus mainly on storytelling, diversity, and student life. :) Feel free to check out my art website:

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