A Day In Our Lives #26

Hey guys!
With finals coming up, I thought I would talk about a class I have decided to take for an elective this semester. Intro to ceramics! Before transferring to Umich, I always wanted to take ceramics but couldn’t in my illustration program. I was fortunate enough to have room in my schedule this semester at Stamps to try it! I think that I learned a lot overall, I had no clue how to really build with clay despite the fact I used to literally work at a pottery studio. My favorite part of the semester was learning how to create dinnerware on the pottery wheel. I felt as if it was the easiest to pick up quickly. I also enjoyed how smooth the surfacing ended up being compared to some other items I worked on. I also worked on a large Greek-inspired amphora contemporary piece, reflecting my Greek heritage. I liked taking ceramics but I am unsure if I would ever take it again. I believe I will stick to textiles!

See you next time!


FOTO- Flwrs

I decided that I wanted to change up this week’s post by featuring some photos of blooming flowers that I saw on campus this past week. These pictures are some of my favorites, as I decided to utilize my pro mist filter on my camera to defuse the natural sunlight to add a soft glow to some of the pictures. Also, I decided to make sure the colors were vibrant to show how youthful the flowers looked. Enjoy 🙂

A Day In Our Lives #25

Hey guys,

This week I am showing some of the collage work that I have been working on! In my practice, I focus primarily on women and the female experience. I was recently tasked with creating a book multiple times over, cutting it apart, and putting it together to make a story. I love collage and think that it is really calming to do. I have lots of old graphic design books that were gifted to me that I use in my work. I like incorporating my poetry and writing in my collages as well as some of my illustrations. Collages can be a really expressive medium. I love thinking about color and how it will affect how the viewer perceives the text. I sewed this book together and love how it came out. I feel like it is a really good representation fo what I believe in.
See you next week!


A Day In Our Lives #21

Hey guys,
This week I am posting some of my character sketches/studies. I really enjoy creating characters. One of my favorite things to draw is human anatomy. I really love boosting the color in people’s undertones in order to create my painting/coloring style. For lighter skin tones I start with a base of sage green, for darker skin tones I use an undertone of red or blue. I also created a new header image for this series. I feel like this frame from one of my comics fits the vibe better here. I like creating a variety of characters in order to push myself to stay away from “same face” syndrome, which is a really hard thing to overcome if you have a distinct art style. This just means that because of your style, you sort of accidentally draw the same face over and over.

See you guys next week!

A Day In Our Lives #19

Hey guys,
This week I’m uploading an illustration that I had started for a zine that was accepting submissions here on campus. With my busy schedule, it was really difficult to meet the deadline and I was unable to enter, however, I felt like it was a good opportunity to work on my digital illustration skills.  I think that it could have ended up as a pretty cool submission. It is important for an artist, especially a college student, to have good time management. I draw digitally on my iPad using procreate. I hope everyone is having a good spring break!!
See you next week,