Another love lie

I held you tightly so you covered my eyes

Blindside me from the sight of your voice

Lips moving softly as I tremble at their sound 


I wanted you 

Wrapped your head in my arms held it to my stomach

Cried while watching you smile- 


We are posed 

Here standing in levels 

But I am still underneath you 


Pulsing to the breath of your touch 

Loudly to the sound of your name 


I sat down for dinner at 7:22

The same time I sat down for breakfast 12 hours earlier

Who knew I would know the taste of milk just before expiration

Hearing the sounds of people running downstairs and jiggling keys

Flinching with every moment that it comes closer 

To the time my door is opened


When I finally have the chance to breathe 

I can’t stop thinking about 

The way you see me 

Inverting previous admonitions

From condescension to care 

I wonder if I too am inverted 

If the miles between us 

Cloud your words 

Making fickle mist with every breath

Strange Fruit After Billie Holiday

Your limbs are tendrils 

Flailing in protest offbeat

to the beat of hearts 


  to understand

  your speech. 


Seek the neverending sending of messages that

teach upstanding misunderstanding of 


Your hair and why it crinkles

So early after water stipples hit 




Cells that work against it 

Turn you thick to sense it 



The wind


Your reaction

Almost human


always brazen to the thought of the world we’re in.