What can you say when there’s nothing to do

What can you do when there’s nothing to see

What can you see when there’s nowhere to go

Where can you go when there’s nowhere to stay

Where can you stay when there’s nowhere to live

Where can you live when there’s nothing to eat 

What can you eat when there’s no one to speak 

What can you speak when there’s no one to hear


Intrusive Thoughts

Some people write poems about becoming a mother 

I write about losing mine 


Who will tell me to tuck or untuck my shirt

Zippers or laces for shoes


We’re all masquerading as ourselves 

Expertly crafting moments and memories 


How do people find joy in life

Revel in its impermanence 


How do people find joy in life

Seek strength in its disturbance 

I can tell

Why can’t you see? 

Is it because I read when you look?

Search soulless for meaning in every breath 

while you take in deep

Restless while you sleep


Will you recoil when I do unto you what you do to me 

Tremble when I choose not to speak? 


There’s joy and anguish here 

Relish and pleasure here 


Is that all?