Xhaska Square Redesign

Here she is! In my mission to make my dnd characters more distinct from my original fiction characters, I redesigned Xhaska. I changed her nose, face shape, hair, and outfit probably, and lessened her eczema. I went with the plan that she’s a hypothetical child of Simon and Taya, who I did consider making a couple in my book outline. I like the ribbon. It gives a softer edge to this hardened space criminal.

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Simon Fashion Sheet

I’ve decided that Simon might be the type to have no ‘main’ outfit, but rather a lot of different ones. I envisioned him as fashionable and a bit vain, so it fits him. Trying to find a main outfit for Simon was hard; I had so many concepts for him.

As you can see, his fashion sense is very 1970s – lots of high-waisted stuff. He also has lots of sportswear, crop tops, blue, and other cool tones. He also has a more elaborate side going on than what’s shown here. His shoes on the far right were supposed to have red heels to symbolize blood, but I changed them to copper for better color cohesion.

Deranged Auntie [INSERT NAME HERE]

This is a villain in my story, she’s basically like a walking nuclear reactor. She is one of my main character’s aunts. I’m still working on her name. I want it to have some medical basis.

Please assume that unless highlighted green, her clothes are black. I want her to look like a walking hazard/nuclear waste sign. I also wanted her to look classy, like she could be perched daintily on a mountain of her enemies’ skulls.

I experimented with her having spikes on her outfit. I wanted every bit of her to give off the message that she is dangerous, don’t get close to her. I think I won’t be including the spikes. I want her to look sleek.

Her outfit’s still a work in progress. Additionally, I’m busy trying to think up a symbol for her. Time to look at radioactivity symbols again!

Simon Redesign Finalization

So this is my finalization of Simon’s outfits. One for when he’s in one place, another for when he’s in another. I wanted to add colors but forgot I did everything from the sketch to the lineart in one layer.

I’ve been forgetting to draw the choker in my sketches lately. Perhaps I’ll remove it in the future.