Phen Lemege

This is Phen Lemege. She’s an office drone of the Mercenaries Guild’s bureaucracy. She works in the ever-backlogged dimensional travel department. There’s a 5-year waitlist!

She’s supposed to have an attractive secretary look. She has a background in Hell, like a DnD tiefling. She’s dating Tove, who wass a previous subject of Sketchbook Smashing. She has cherry-red skin, and rams horns and I don’t know if she should have a tail. I keep forgetting to add it. I’m not sure about her personality. I’m thinking since most of her clothes are black and white, maybe she could have a black-and-white morality.

Simon Update

Here’s a Simon update! He’s the main character of my story, Guildies. He’s a member of the Mercenaries Guild Conglomerate, and he’s sent to watch this interesting house in Sutton, Michigan. I wanted to do more full-body posing, and work on his collar. I like how I did the collar as well as the rips on his clothes. I used zig-zags instead of something more complicated for his coat, and I think that worked well. I also modified his eye shape to make it easer to draw.


This is Brinnslow! The body horror-based Mercenaries Guild employee! She can grow bones, and organs, and make strawberry-flavored blood. A shame she’s nerfed by chronic pain from when a building fell on her when she was young and messed up her nerve cells. They grew back wrong and her body thought that was normal. The constant regulation of her pain sensors makes her tired.

That’s why she wears a swimmer’s parka because they’re really comfortable; it’s like wearing a sleeping bag. She has zippers and openings in her clothes so she can pull things from her body with ease. She had cargo pants for maximum comfort too. She’s supposed to be carrying a first aid kit on her back.

Vivian the Suit

This is Viv. She’s a guild member. I like her design but I don’t know much about her story. Currently, she’s a recipient of a fae-dragon deal. This grants her powers that are essentially pocket sand but with dream sand. Her powers require her to get close to people, so I figured she knew martial arts like Krav Maga. Maybe she’s part of the Guild’s secret services? If so, I might have to age her up. I like her casual look, it makes her look all innocent. I have no clue if her role in the story will be villainous or not. She’s meant to have gold decorations in her hair.

Helia K

This is Helia Kuai, she’s Simon’s cousin. She’s also an assassin, like the rest of the family. I wanted to show her stern and prickly personality, so I made her hair spiky. I like the shape it makes but I’m also considering a ponytail for her because having loose hair isn’t practical for her job. I made her clothes simpler to contrast Simon’s theater kid look. I hope I got her grumpiness across.

Unhinged Auntie Hima

This is Brinnslow’s Auntie Hima. I may have talked about Brinnslow in the past, all you need to know is that Brinnslow was separated from her family when she was young, and has body horror-themed powers. Hima has similar powers that she uses for destruction and revenge. I wanted to give Hima a plain red coat similar to Brinnslow’s, but I realized she’d contrast Brinnslow better with more classy and stylish clothing. With spikes, of course. I would give her aviators but I don’t like drawing sunglasses. It was cool drawing someone who is older. I think I made Hima to be in her 40s?