I guess even more Enola

This colored Enola page had a little bit of everything from my previous Enola submissions. Character interactions, formal wear, hats. I added scenes referenced from pictures of a Bear Grylls show, camping, and etymologists in the field. I spent a lot of time on formal wear, and I referenced those colors out of a dragonfly color scheme. I think she looks nice. I drew her in a hunched posture for her reclusive nature, and in nature scenes for well, her love of nature.

More Xhaska

Here’s yet another update to my DnD character! I simplified Xhaska’s eyes to make her easier to draw. I also experimented with giving her a 1960s flair. I just wasn’t feeling her knitted vest right now, but I’ve decided it was the best option for her character design. I made the skirt too short and even in the middle outfit. The rip is more of a diagnonal.

Helia Kuai, with less spiky hair

As I think about how my art evolved recently, I think I noticed a trend toward realism. This is evident in how I gave Helia (Simon’s annoyingly perfect and vengeful black-ops cousin from Toronto) more naturalistic hair. She used to have this super spiky hairstyle to signify her prickly nature, but she started to look weird next to everyone’s updated designs. With her new hair, I can now imagine Helia as a kind of real person. Here, I tried to make her outfit more militaristic, more like she’s a woman on a mission, hence the mask and armor. This time, the kiss is canonical.

A Younger Simon

Here’s a younger, college-era Simon Kuai. His modern design is the one lounging on top of the image. His milder design and hair show he’s experimenting with fashion but not settling on anything yet. I wanted to get across the idea that he’s a dandy with refined tastes, but also kind of trashy, hence the open chest and puka shell necklace. I imagine those clothes are expensive, and that Simon’s growing his hair out. There’s also another kiss scene!

More Enola

Here, I’m testing out new hats for Enola. I find the military hat a neat juxtaposition against her hobbit-inspired clothes. However, now that I think about it, a newsboy hat might look nice too. I also tested out an Enola with long hair and in old-timey clothes. I’ve also been drawing kiss scenes lately, so there’s a noncanonical Enola x Hima kiss on the bottom right. I like the idea of a vest for her, but I think I want embroidery and don’t know how to design it.

Hermit Enola

Here’s Enola, her deal is that she’s a reclusive bugs witch. Here, I tried to include more character interactions to see how Enola bounces off of people. There’s also a doodle of Enola in formal wear, and me testing out her with short hair. I want to give her a winter hat, but I’m not sure about the design.