Wolverine Stew: Snow in a Lamplight

It is quiet here, footsteps home

Masked in the flurries of cold I

Cannot fully see but certainly feel

Merging with my face

Crackling like static, like muffled rain

And I walk along the lines of amber light

Watching the snow quickly fall

Into and out of the glow, out of being seen

And yet still it grows into the winter

Morning. I’ll see it through frost

Blooming on my windows

And the snow will become

Blizzards, rain, thawing puddles, clear skies

But for now, it is still

It is quiet here

TOLAROIDS: Where is snow

So there is no snow in Ann Arbor yet, even though I think this time last year we already had some on the ground. Well, to get into December spirit I pulled some of the photos from last winter in AA but also some old ones from different occasions, because I actually love snow and hope to summon some through this post 🙂


The Kingdom of Tokavsk, Session 0: Entrance

You’ve traveled for days in the back of a cart, huddled under layers of furs and blankets.  Driving wind blows above you and through you in hollow howls, tugging eddies of snowflakes into your tearing eyes.  Your fingers are numb, though they’re wrapped in layers to prevent the flesh from freezing, and your satchel is stiff with ice.  Before you, a warmly clad man clutches the reigns of a grizzly.  You’ve never been to this part of the world, so you’ve only heard stories of the people who have tamed the great beasts of the north, and before you were half-certain they were hearsay.  But the land of permanent frost is as real as the skin on your bones.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Tokavsk, a boreal nation situated on the continent of Helya.  Beyond the snow-covered plains and dense forests lies a land of wild cold and beacons of heat, scheming nobles and superstition.  It is a land of eternal winter, of wild beasts and mystical ruins.  It is a land of tenacity and death.

What secrets will you find within this place, adventurer?  Will it be a journey of opportunity, or are you fated to meet a grisly end?


Hello!  Alias here.  I’m taking my blog in a different direction this time around.  I’ve been on a fantasy streak lately, so I am using this blog as an opportunity to create a new world.  My current plan is to start with an overview of the kingdom and its distinguishing features, then go from there.  Being the lover of character creation that I am, I may also write a few vignettes and character profiles.  This blog will likely have a lot less comedy than my posts from last year, but rest assured I am still the same complete dork with a weird sense of humor.  I simply have varying interests when it comes to writing and tend to flit between various subjects.  (That being said, I plan to stick with this blog topic for the duration of the year.)

Fire up, and Go Blue!


The Rise of the Band Geeks, Episode 20: The March March

With winter acting like spring for some reason, it’s only natural for our local band geeks to gain enough motivation to start practicing outside.  However, the dangers of the real world do not end where March begins.  Several band geeks have compiled a comprehensive guide to avoiding the threats to musical instruments in the form of a Q & A session:

Q:  I’m from a part of the country where pollen falls in droves for some ungodly reason.  Will pollen damage my instrument?

A:  I’m not really sure about that in terms of practicing, but if you’re allergic to said pollen, definitely don’t practice outside in early spring.  Or mid-spring.  Or summer.  Because summer gets hot, and then you’re sweating and sunburned and don’t even want to do the C major scale to warm up.  Of course, if you leave your instrument outside overnight, then yes, that’s bad.


Q:  What happens if a diag squirrel approaches me while I’m practicing?

A:  If you’re on the diag, it’s fine.  The squirrels are in their natural habitat.  If you’re on Elbel Field or inside Pierpont when you encounter said squirrel, run.  It’s possessed.


Q:  What happened to all the snow?

A:  Oh, it’ll be back.  Da-da-da-da-daaah da-da-da da-yaaaah da dah.


Q:  OK, but what if it starts snowing during practice like it did the week leading up to The Game and most of The Game?

A:  This is Michigan.  It always snows.  If the snow isn’t blowing sideways and you’re feeling antsy, practice outside if your instrument allows.  Nobody will think it’s weird if you start doing Big 10 Entries in the middle of February because they’re too cold.  But it’s March, isn’t it?  It could still snow.  I think.  IDK, I’m not a Northerner.  I’m from Arizona, Hal.


Q:  How do we know we’re improving if we’re practicing outside by ourselves?

A:  Focus on your technique, embouchure, sound quality, etc.  Do 69 reps of something you struggle on until you get it right–actually, I’ve seen an online band poster that says to practice until you can’t get it wrong, so do that.  Anyway, did you know today (March 10th) is the 69th day of the year?


Q:  Shuddap, Hal!!!

A:  That’s not a question.