About Hill Auditorium

With a seating capacity of approximately 4000 people, Hill Auditorium is easily the largest performance venue in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Interior of Hill Auditorium (Source: www.phishcrit.substack.com)


The auditorium, named after Arthur Hill, opened its doors in 1913 and since then has served as a gathering venue for the students, their friends and families. The architects, Albert Kahn and Associates, along with reputed acoustical engineer Hugh Tallant, set out to design a hall that would seat 5000 people and the audience could hear from every single seat. After it was built, it was labelled as a monument with perfect acoustics, especially after Carol Rose Kahn (the architect’s granddaughter) dropped a pin on the stage and her father, seated on the second last row heard the pin drop.


Exterior of Hill Auditorium (Source: Wikipedia)


Rusty red and brown bricks were used to build the building’s facade, while terra cotta and grey limestone were used as accents. A short flight of stairs rising from North University Avenue leads to the main entrance’s wide platform of cement and brick mosaic. Four hefty columns flank the expansive main entryway, which is composed of beige stone.

Hill Auditorium is truly an asset to the University of Michigan, and reinforces the sense of pride that all Wolverines feel.







An architecture student pursuing her master's at TCAUP, and strolling through the campus with her eyes glued to the pretty buildings and prettier trees (wrote this in Fall, for context)

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