The Jukebox: Obsession (Parts 1&2)

Completed piece with lyrics from “Obsession” by The Cairos. To me this song seems to be talking about how inherently meaningless obsession is. There’s no basis for what the protagonist is after, but then there’s seemingly no reason for anyone to be doing anything. An earlier lyrics goes, “I’m confused by the world / it turns and there’s no point”. I think a forest is a good setting to visualize this confusion and sense of being loss, the tree branches filling up the panels. The protagonist watches others try to travel through the woods, but finds that there’s nothing pushing them forward, and there’s no easy way for them out either. Despite not knowing why, the protagonist continues on, obsessed with something they can’t explain.


Thimai is a sophomore majoring in biology, health & society. Combining their interests of art and music they make weekly comics based on a variety of song lyrics. They hope to illuminate their experience as a student through this medium and connect with others who relate. Plus, share some music!

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