A Day In Our Lives #21

Hey guys,
This week I am posting some of my character sketches/studies. I really enjoy creating characters. One of my favorite things to draw is human anatomy. I really love boosting the color in people’s undertones in order to create my painting/coloring style. For lighter skin tones I start with a base of sage green, for darker skin tones I use an undertone of red or blue. I also created a new header image for this series. I feel like this frame from one of my comics fits the vibe better here. I like creating a variety of characters in order to push myself to stay away from “same face” syndrome, which is a really hard thing to overcome if you have a distinct art style. This just means that because of your style, you sort of accidentally draw the same face over and over.

See you guys next week!


Marissa Woods is a third year college student at Penny W Stamps school of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. Her background is mainly in illustration and sculpture. A Day In Our Lives is meant to open up a variety of different subjects and perspectives for Marissa to portray about life in Ann Arbor. She hopes to gain practice in many different aspects of illustrating and have a public mapping of her progress. Her instagram/portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/cosmic_sugars/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

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