Taya gets more makeovers

Hey guys, sorry I missed Monday, I was on holiday without my computer and I didn’t know how to operate posting on mobile.

I’ve had such a good time converting Cyrene to DnD. It really helped me flesh her out more and receive feedback from other people, even if the feedback is on her braincell count(it’s pretty low). I decided to convert another one of my characters, Taya, to DnD too. She’s gonna be in a space campaign as an intelligence-based Lore Bard, leaving the party with low charisma stats all around.

The redesign was spurred on by my need to change her hair, which was too complicated to draw. And because her hair didn’t match her former outfit, the outfit had to be changed. I’m still keeping the queercoded dark academia aesthetic though. Her final design is still in the works. I plan on changing the vest to something more modern, to make her blend better with my other characters.

Kita’s Outfit

So Kita’s outfit is mostly finished. I wanted to give her a tourist/traveler vibe. Her color scheme used to be red and orange but that made her look like a fast-food mascot. But then I learned that bees are attracted to the colors of purple, violet, and blue and I like this color scheme much better.

Nagosta Vo


I’m redesigning a character again! This time I’ve renamed her Nagosta Vo and am actually trying to design all her looks within the span of my series. I’m trying to more accurately capture her air-vent crawling-bad-attitude self more accurately. And that starts with a more practical outfit.