Evolving Emotions: Last Glow

I saw the stars this morning

The sun had not yet climbed the shingled roofs

Nor surmounted the plumes of smoke

Produced by the slumbering city


Each a fleck of twinkling perfection

My eyes gleamed alongside them

In a vast gift

A sight to behold


These gems of the sky are deceptive

They hide their torment

The destruction that defines their state

They are dead and dying.


That which is beautiful

Is temporary

Breathe in the expanse

The comforting peace

This quiet morning


For it is not forever

Although we wish it to be

There will be a last

Air leaves the lungs

Carrying the soul in its glow


These precious stars shine

Despite their fate

Despite their circumstance


Do not grieve

Let the feeling linger

Let the light bathe you


Do not taint it with sadness

For it happened

It was wonderful


I saw the stars this morning

And it was wonderful.

This was taken on a camping trip with friends a few years ago. It was a moment of pure joy.

Evolving Emotions: Forevermore

I feel your presence beside me

On the frigid, unforgiving Earth

On the lonely wooden park bench

On the gentle bed we shared


I hear your voice 

In the corridor you passed

In the kitchen you cherished

In the doorway to our home


I smell you in all that is beautiful

A hint of lavender in someone’s hair

A box of oranges sold at the market

A loaf of bread I find at the bakery


I surmise that I’ve see you


Maybe not. 

Perhaps it is madness


It’s hard to discern

The wishes and whims

The truth and sacred lies


Perhaps, I witness what I was too blind to see yesterday

No matter



We are apart

But soon

We will feel each other’s warmth

In a plane unlike this one


My joy

My love

My apparition forevermore 


The Poetry Corner – 7 April 2021

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This week I am featuring the poet Swidala Swami from India. She is a varied writer, also working in fiction and children’s literature. Her work ranges in themes, but seems to have particular focus on love and loss. The two poems I selected to show today use these themes well, and perhaps in unexpected ways. 




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The Poetry Corner – 24 March 2021

[To read an introduction to this column, please see the first paragraph of the initial post here]


This week’s post is a little different from the last few. Featured is one of my favorite poems that for some reason embedded itself in my mind and has never left. I wrote a short essay analyzing the poem, and by sharing it I hope to give a small taste of how poems can work, even really short ones like this one. I hope you enjoy it!


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