Evolving Emotions: Blizzard

My legs are like columns of sheeted glass

They burn with an anger

I have neglected them

Left them to be battered

By a blizzard, hardly forgiving


My hands chip like old plaster

Revealing the life underneath

The pain of red

Numbed in the cold


My hair discourages logic

Protests order

And wreaks havoc

In front of my eyes

Shielding my face

Enough to obscure

But not enough to warm


A cry inside

Screaming for



To feel again

To know that all will calm


The ice sets in

Hardening the bones

Congealing their marrow

Hindering the joints

Straining the throat


The blizzard takes hold

Despite my hope

For a light flurry

Following the storm


Evolving Emotions: You

Everything reminds me of you.


The faces whirl by in a sea of familiarity

I think I recognize your smile,

your walk,

your presence

I don’t.


A laugh echoes down the strange hallway

It settles into my ears swiftly and soundly

But it’s not you.


Tears flood my eyes in your absence.

The comfort that held me is no longer.

Is home really home anymore?

Is life what it was before?


But I miss you.


I miss you and your

Charming intricacies

Audacious interests

Burning desires

The words you gifted others

The humility woven in your soul


Nobody can compare

And content will come

But for now

Everything reminds me of you.


This is the first poem I wrote when I arrived at this university. Walking by new people was like getting shot. There were a lot of tears. Everything was so new and so familiar all at once. It did get better in time, though.



If you could write me 

You’d write wrong 

Right before you 

Say something I’ve said 


How could you 

Could you know-how 

You could wait 

Wait till you can 


But then 

You’d be too early 


Early morning 

I see you sleeping 

Slowly breathing 

A smile slipped 

Across your face 


But who could talk

While tangled 


Evolving Emotions: Regretful “I”


Question her lack of

Reciprocation. I made a

Declaration about my

Intentions and yet her dull

Reaction leaves me in my

Emotions. Is further

Action necessary? Or should I stir in my

Ambitions and keep

Caution close to the chest? For the

Duration that I remain

Fixation is all I know.

Rumination about what could have been if I had

Conviction in my speech. What could have been of this

Situation if I had told her? My only

Communication was a pitiful