Fable Friday: Ishtar

Ishtar is the Mesopotamian goddess of war, love and fertility, also known as Inanna in Sumerian. Because of her association with war, she is often seen wearing armor with a horned helmet, wings, and sometimes with weapons on her back. Ishtar is often believed to be the precursor to the Greek deity Aphrodite. My take on Ishtar attempts to blend these elements with the horned crown and gold armor on her limbs. In some engravings, she is depicted completely naked or with some sort of long dress with multiple layers, so I made her dress semi-transparent with multiple layers of streaks.

Sierra Iverson

My name is Sierra Snow Iverson, and I'm a junior pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. I have a focus in animation and film due to my intense interest in storytelling. However, I have a background in Illustration and 2D Design. The content of my postings will center around fables and myths from around the world through a combination of illustrations and written material.

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